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Physie Competitions

Competition isn’t everything but it’s a big part of physie.  Girls work hard all year, not just to learn their dance routines, but to perfect them for competitions in Terms 3 & 4.

When physie girls train, both as individuals and in teams, they are preparing themselves to perform in front of an audience, where success and failure are public.  This is self-esteem building at its best.

For the girls to do their routines and know they’ve done the best they can, win or lose, they have achieved something that money can’t buy: a sense of self-worth and the confidence that comes from that.  The audience claps either way.  Their teacher is proud of them for giving it their all.  And they move on to the next year and all that it brings in terms of physical development, personal growth, skill-building, teamwork and most importantly… friendship

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Interclub competitions are organised in July and/or August each year to give our girls practice at performing in front of an audience and prepare the girls for the upcoming zone competitions. Interclubs involve a small number of clubs (usually 5 – 10 clubs) and girls compete in their age group in heats of about 10-15 girls. Places are awarded to each heat and every competitor receives a medal.
champion girl
Champion Girl is a zone level competition where girls compete in heats of 10-15 as an individual. This competition will progress from heats to semi finals and finals. Finalists will have the opportunity to represent our club at a Repechage competition and placegetters at Nationals.
We encourage all members aged 5 or over to participate in zone competitions.
Junior National Finals
Senior Nat Finals @ Sydney Opera Hou
Team events
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Junior National Finals